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The scheme attracts new entrants to the health and care workforce, plugging vital gaps and addressing the system’s workforce needs whilst growing and nurturing new talent within the system.

Many of our apprenticeships offer the experience of working in a number of areas, learning valuable on the job skills, which alongside high-quality education and training, equips the apprentices to progress into future careers in health and care with a more rounded view of the system.

We can tailor apprenticeships to focus on the areas necessary to fill workforce and skills gaps. Creating an opportunity for rapid growth of apprentices at pace, driving system responses for workforce challenges.

Apprenticeships mean we can ensure that we have the right people in the right place, at the right time, to deliver high quality patient care.

We are here to support employers who do not have the capacity or capability to offer apprenticeships alone, particularly smaller employers such as general practices.

What we would need from you

  • To complete a contract or service line agreement with FAS to confirm your host employer arrangements and commitment to the scheme

  • To meet the scheme’s workplace supervision and mentorship arrangements

  • A formal agreement of the type of apprentices to be recruited, with ongoing support in the recruitment process

  • To formalise wage recharge arrangements for the duration of the apprenticeship placement

  • A key point of contract for the organisation to ensure clear lines of communication for all apprentices

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